IT Manager

Phu An Village, Truc Ninh District of Nam Dinh
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18 days ago

The Job

1. Responsible for the operating system and associated subsystems. Provide system-level; support of multi-user. Identify alternatives for optimizing System resources;
2. Ensure all system always security and ready;
3. Ensure ERP environment for stable and effective; always good connection between SH Office, Ha Noi branch and Factory;
4. Day to day network maintenance and operation;
5. Troubleshoot and fine tune on any shortfalls in the system;
6. Maintenance of the internet domain, website and email set up and configuration;
7. Protect email spam, computer virus, malware and ransomware using latest IT security best practice;
8. Maintain the local end to end IT computer equipment, such as server, digital storage, desktop, laptop and printer, using latest IT operation best practice
9. Upkeep the wired and wireless network using latest IT network best practice;

Your Skills and Experience

1. Graduate degree in IT related fields 
2. Minimum of 5 years professional experience required. 
3. Prior experience of working in ERP system is preferred;
4. Strong training and interpretation skills; 
5. Flexible and able to response promptly to requirements.

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • Thưởng tết âm lịch 1-2 tháng lương
  • Công ty có xe đưa đón hàng ngày từ TP Nam Định - Nhà máy;
  • Nghỉ 2 thứ 7 trong tháng