iOS Developer (Objective C, Swift)

96 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Phường 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh
6 days ago

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • We have a great product!
  • You'll grow very quickly as a developer/researcher
  • Great benefits as part of the foundation team

Job Description

We are looking for an iOS Developer to join our growing team of engineers and developers. 


  • We are working hard to build a great piece of hardware and we want it to be accompanied by a great mobile application. You will help us build a robust application that can communicate with our IoT products over WiFi and the cloud. Functionally, the application will allow users to configure their devices, manage their user profiles, and be a portal between users and the many services the company offer. 
  • The hardware we are building is powered by softwares which are built upon a large collection of data. You’ll be in charge of building applications which will help us collect these data.

Your Skills and Experience


  • At least 1 year of experience in Swift/Objective-C and the iOS Technology stack (UIKit, Core Data, Core Animation, iOS memory management, SQLite). 
  • Experience with REST JSON API, HTTP, TCP request/response and socket communication.
  • Experience working with Server, Backend.
  • Experience working with Git and deployments through the Apple iTunes App Store. 


  • Knowledge of security and identity management solutions such as OAuth, certificates, and encryption.
  • Have experience working with audio/video player, data streaming service.
  • Good at UI/UX design.
  • Understanding of wire-framing and prototyping.

Why You'll Love Working Here

3F forever: you are guaranteed to experience our 3F office motto “FOOD, FRIENDS AND … FUN”.

You'll learn a lot: we don't do outsourcing so you won't have to deal with the frequent technology switch that comes with a new outsourcing project (and therefore not having enough time to really master any of them). Here you are the owner of your slice of the product. You'll have the opportunity to dig deep into whatever technology you're working with and become really good at it. There are milestones to follow, but in general you'll manage your own tasks and set your own pace.

Young and dynamic working environment: we try to maintain an easygoing working environment where there is no rigid structure, everyone's feedback is valued and you're free to chime in any topic you like. We need the different perspectives.

Work hard, play hard: we like you to play as hard as you work, too. We've got darts, hoop, guitar in the office with more coming soon.

Annual off-site trip: our first trip was to Shanghai.

Unlimited food, drinks and snacks: from “mì gói” to sausage to Red Bull, you name it, you have it. Plus, you can always eat while you work, no need to wait for the common break.

Flexible salary reviews: you perform well, you get a raise. At any time of the year. No need to wait for an annual salary review.

Other benefits:

  • 13th month salary.
  • Standard 40-hour work week, from Monday to Friday.
  • 12 days of annual leave.
  • Social, medical and unemployment insurance plus other benefits in accordance with regulations.
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