(HN/HCM) Software Engineer (ML|Python)

Hoang Cau, Dong Da, Ha Noi
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7 days ago

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • We are the pioneer in an UNIQUE AI market
  • We are OPEN in sharing your own working styles
  • We have a TOP-TIER team of talented people

The Job

Cinnamon is looking for aspiring Software Engineers to join our team. The role involves designing and building highly complex Machine Learning platform software system as well as building software services that serve our AI solutions to our big corporate clients. The position is the backbone of our product development as we are moving super-fast.

What you’ll be doing:

* For Junior:
• Develop effective solutions for challenging problems with comprehensive,
production quality software.
• Write maintainable and extensible code with high-quality tests and documentation.
• Participate in system architecture design sessions.

* For upper levels:
• Design and build software system and tools in our Machine Learning platform that
speeds up Machine Learning life circle, stands the test of operation, availability and
• System architecture design, involving multiple requirements from internal teams as
well as the clients.
• Collaborate with an incredible team of a highly skilled group of AI Engineers and AI
Researchers to find and solve technical problems.

This is an exciting opportunity for those who love challenges and be a part of the team building one of the first Machine Learning platform, especially Deep Learning for Computer Vision, NLP and Speech Recognition; who want to grow and become world-class in the field of Software Engineering.

Both senior candidates (i.e., with years of experience/leadership) and junior candidates are welcome to apply; we have and will offer positions appropriate to expertise and level of experience.

Your Skills and Experience

* For Junior:
• Strong coding skills.
• Solid understanding of computer science concepts: time complexity, algorithms and data structure.
• Self-motivated and creative thinking – we’re building things from the ground up, not tweaking legacy systems.
• Good communicator and team player

* For upper levels:
• Experience with architecture skills: Strong knowledge of design patterns and software architecture.
• Sound understanding of software engineering concepts such as testing, continuous
integration and deployment.
• Experience in designing and building distributed systems.
• Experience in distributed streaming platform Kafka; data processing framework Apache Spark; big data framework Apache Hadoop are a big plus.
• Knowledge about Machine Learning life circle.
• Grit: passion and perseverance, drive and a strong feeling of ownership coupled with collaboration and leadership.

Why You'll Love Working Here

The chance to work on COOL world-class projects!

We’re not an academic research institute. We’re a global AI product company. Our focus is to create applicable AI products which can bring huge impact to users. In order to do so, our solutions is the combination of innovative AI core technology and solid business understanding. There are 3 main categories:

- Scuro Bot: An assistant which utilizes Natural Language Processing. Scuro Bot is designed on different OTT messaging platforms to bring unique customer experience or to remove boring & low value-added administration tasks
- Flax Scanner: An AI software application which extracts information from unstructured forms and creates formatted digital documents which are stored in structured database. Flax Scanner can work with both hand-writing and text data. This product is the result of the effective combination between AI experience and UX thinking to bring actual business return.
- Lapis Engine: A highly accurate recommendation engine which utilizes vectorization of user and product information. Lapis engine's algorithms are built upon strong business understanding to design most effective matching tool for specific markets (Recruitment, E-commerce and Real estate).
We’re building up our products by working closely with clients. The accumulated data and revenue will prepare us to file patents in the near future.

How is our working environment?

We strongly believe that go-global ambition requires international-standard members. Cinnamon will create the best environment for all members to grow toward that goal.

#Grit: Ability to stay extremely persistent toward the goal. We’ve grown from so little
to a leading global business by making impossibles possible.
#StretchYouself: Actively learn and take new opportunity in the area of knowledge
and experience that you don’t have before. Non-tech members learn about AI
development; engineer learns about business aspect; HR learns about Finance; etc.
#Leadership-drivenTeamwork: Proactively seek for mutual understanding in any
collaboration; actively resolve conflicts; and do whatever needs to be done to make
sure team/ company goals achieved, even outside of scope of responsibility.
Cinnamon appreciates value of each member’s contribution!

What we will return
Attractive allowance and benefits for Internship.
- Full-time contracts will be offered based on your performance and potential to learn.
- An open working environment and full of opportunities for talents to grow.
- Offering training chances, education assistance, mentorship programs and
collaborative learning sessions.
- A collaborative environment that fosters communication via slack and an open-door