DevOps Developer (Python/NodeJS)

Tầng 4 - tòa nhà Hà Thành Plaza - 102 Thái Thịnh, Dong Da, Ha Noi
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14 days ago

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • Small cohesive team of excellent individuals
  • Skill up quickly at web dev, UX and design
  • Bonuses for project completion and top performers

The Job

You are in charge of architecting and building the production pipelines and processes behind the scene of award-winning websites and e-commerce stores with millions of views per month for well-known brands around the world. You will collaborate with Technical Lead and Project Managers to ensure that we stay a lean organization by taking care of these responsibilities:

  • Be creative and brainstorm on production and process enhancements so that our team continues to deliver better products in less time with less effort.
  • Build custom Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes in order to speed up our deployment and QA process.
  • Automate all aspects of our current business and management processes to make our lives easier, especially for the following tasks:
  • Automate front-end visual QA and regression detection via PhantomJS or similar technologies.
  • Provide ideas and suggestions to our Tech Lead in order to future-proof our internal framework and technology stacks.
  • Organize and maintain open-sourced libraries that we will be publishing for our production process (webpack plugins, postcss plugins, gulp, API libraries etc.)
  • Other initiatives that help increase productivity of our PM and engineers and liberate them from manual tasks.

You are perfect for this position if:

  • You have good experience with web and e-commerce development so that you understand all the processes involved in delivering a website in order to optimize these processes.
  • You understand that processes and automation is the key to making a lean, productive and engineering-friendly work environment.
  • You lead by example, and you follow with discipline. You always set a high standards for your own work and for others’, because you understand that it is the only way to build your character and integerity.
  • You have good grasps of modular design, not only in your code, but also in system thinking so that you can help our managers organize their processes efficiently.
  • You write maintainable code that is well thought out and can be reused across multiple projects.
  • You are independent and fearless. You have vast experience dealing with website and e-commerce production, and are able to create optimized solutions to difficult automation problems.
  • You are also a team player who supports other team mates and happily train or guide less experienced developers.
  • You consider yourself a craftsman who puts out quality work that you are proud of. Don't apply if you are not someone who's willing to put in time and effort to produce best quality works within deadlines.
  • You are constantly learning new skills and also want to challenge yourself to become a full-stack engineer.

Your Skills and Experience

  • 4+ years of experience working as a full-stack developer or DevOps, especially for US / Australian / EU clients.
  • System thinking. The ability to divide and conquer, as well as architecting a consistent and efficient production process to satisfy varying requirements from multiple clients.
  • Scripting skills: Bash, Node.js, Python, you name it. Anything that is practical for the task at hand.
  • Know how to use Gulp, Webpack and other workflow tools.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with wp-cli
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience building for and integrating with Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce, Slack, or API integration in general.

Why You'll Love Working Here

Experience a fast-paced development agency life in a team that values teamwork, communication, personal development and attention to details.

We don't have a big office but it's cozy. Our Hanoi team is small, but they're hard-working and passionate. There is a ton of work to do, but it's all well compensated. All projects have hard deadlines. Our team updates technology stacks, conventions, and workflows on a weekly basis. Your colleagues rely on you to keep up with constant changes while still deliver results effectively within time and budget constraints. You will have to swim to survive. We don't hand out life jackets.

If all that doesn't bother you, then you are one of us, and you will love this. Your experience and skills will grow more quickly than that of your peers in other companies. All we focus on is learning and improving through our day-to-day work. At the same time, enjoy the company of our colleagues whom we select very carefully.

We also provide the following benefits:

  • Professional working environment: Clearly-defined internal process and top-notched facilities including iMac, iPhone, Android devices for testing.
  • Clear vision of your career progress: performance review with potential for raise every 6 months, regular goal setting and performance check-ins.
  • Personal development: Access to Team Treehouse and Pluralsight for skill-set development, with career guidance from Technical Lead and CEO.
  • Grow to be a full-stack developer: Opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies, both front-end and back-end.
  • Opportunity to learn from the best: 1-on-1 on the job training with Technical Lead and CEO.
  • Bonus: Year-end bonus based on individual performance. Regular spot bonuses when meeting goals or complete projects with good results and adapt our deadline.
  • Days off: Public holidays, and on top of that, 12 paid days off a year, with possibility for more depending on performance level or seniority.
  • Yearly health check-up.
  • English Class to improve your English Skills - 2 times every week.
  • You are encouraged to have a life outside of work: Regular team building activities, tickets to conferences and occasional remote working time. We trust you to be a professional.