Desktop Engineer

12 days ago

The Job

85% Essential Technical Criteria Provides complex technical support, planning and coordination for End User touch points of the distributed computer environment, including desktop, software and hardware installation, support and distribution, and remote access technologies.
• Performs analyzing, diagnosing, installation, and resolution of complex desktop computer, operating system, application software and hardware technologies and associated problems.
• Performs analyzing, diagnosing, installation, and resolution of remote access technologies and associated problems.
• Performs analyzing, diagnosing, coordination and planning of horizontal network cable management processes including installation, moves, adds, changes and repairs.
• Provides complex technical input to the Desktop Services team and assumes a supporting role in selecting and utilizing appropriate tools and techniques for timely service delivery.
• Works independently with little to no direct supervision in analysis, design, and implementation of desktop solutions to fulfill business unit requirements.
• Acts as a technical liaison with user groups and other IT partners for systems support and implementation. Provides an effective interface among users, vendors, IT partners, and consultants in evaluating technical issues and products.
• Responsible for partnering with the business units they support to understand the business impact of support issues.
• Responsible for the analysis, design, and implementation of desktop solutions to fulfill business unit requirements.
• Responsible for the analysis, design and implementation of desktop technology life cycle management processes including technology procurement, refresh and disposition.
• Responsible for project analysis, design, coordination and planning for all technical components of desktop related projects.
• Coordinates schedules and technical work order instructions to contracted labor for installations, moves, adds and changes within the desktop computing environment
• Demonstrates creativity and initiative in problem solving.

10% Complex Technical Documentation/Administrative Tasks
• Technical documentation of hardware/software additions or changes.
• Updates of inventory additions and changes to the inventory database.
• Updates and closures of trouble tickets and service requests.
• Timely labor hour input for billing and management.

5% Training requirements.
• Keeps up-to-date advanced technical skills and knowledge of vendor offerings.
• All other duties as assigned.
Note: Percentages may vary depending on job responsibilities.

Your Skills and Experience

Essential Performance Criteria Communications
• Frequency, Timeliness, and Clarity- responsive, thorough and appropriate in number and duration given the assignment, project or client’s needs. Direct and to the point, avoiding “wordiness”.
• Scope – contains all relevant information and viewpoints, well thought-out and presented in a format that is easy to understand.
• Judgment - Willingness to do “what’s right” even in the face of aversion, question, or differing opinions. Know when to keep comments to yourself.

• Attitude – confident, friendly, helpful, sincere and positive.
• Professionalism – courteous and tactful in all interactions, utilizing common sense, integrity and good judgment. • Respect – listening skills are appropriately used. Praise and reward other’s successes and accomplishments.
• Courage – confront difficult situations promptly that affect our cast, leadership or customers, and do so in a positive, non-threatening way.

Risk Taking and Decision Making
• Responsibility - appropriately research issues and make timely decisions. Take ownership even if a wrong decision is made. Thrive on risk, but minimize to an adequate level. Don’t become paralyzed by analysis. Be fiscally responsible.
• Innovation - think strategically and beyond the bounds of what is already being done.

• Time Management– manage time appropriately to meet deadlines and commitments.
• Organization – keep work area neat and free from clutter. Be efficient in your work files and organize so you, and others, can easily locate items.
• Output – produce work assignments safely, quickly and efficiently, and with a high degree of accuracy; all requiring limited supervision.
• Flexibility – anticipate changes in work assignments, allowing for unknown factors or influences. Manage stress appropriately.
• Initiative – seek out learning opportunities; continuously increasing technical and professional skills.