Delivery Lead (Java, JavaScript)

191 Bà Triệu, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi
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8 days ago

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • Công ty hàng đầu
  • Công việc tốt
  • Cơ hội thăng tiến và phát triển

The Job

Software Development

  • Lead development team towards successful project delivery by providing technical guidance across the software development lifecycle
  • Maintain high standards of web quality within the team by establishing good practices and habits
  • Drive discussions with other developers, business analysts and software architects to plan, design, develop, test and maintain web applications technologies
  • Oversee timely analysis and resolution of technical and application problems in squads
  • Proactively identify areas of improvement required to improve business process whilst minimizing disruptions to business
  • Assess opportunities for application and process improvement and prepare documentation of rationale to share with squad members and other stakeholders
  • Ensure timely delivery of projects whilst adhering to high-quality development principles
  • Assist the Technology Tribe Lead in the development of the tribe’s blueprint based on Techcombank business needs and objectives

Managing Projects

  • Manage project conflicts, challenges and dynamic business requirements to keep operations running at high performance
  • Work with team leads to resolve people problems and project roadblocks, conduct post mortem and root cause analysis to help squads continuously improve their practices to ensure maximum productivity

Managing Talent

  • Mentor and coach junior developers to become fully competent Developers
  • Provide technical leadership to the tribe through coaching and mentorship

Your Skills and Experience

  • Domain Expertise
    • 7+ years of relevant experience with prior experience in a technical leadership experience
    • Mastery in programming languages related to application development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Reac, Python, PHP, NodeJS, Java or Ruby)
    • Experience in managing technical teams (able to lead and influence others) and in workplace mediation
    • Experience in leading and managing the delivery of system/software development projects in a structured environment
    • Experience in both architecture and implementation-level software design 
  • Agile / Digital Experience
    • Deep experience in Agile Software Development and has mastery of Agile methodology and practices
    • Experience working in Agile teams to lead successful digital transformation projects, involved in the end-to-end planning to implementation
  • Qualifications
    • Bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering or information technology
  • Competencies
    • To succeed in this role, the job holder is expected to strengthen and demonstrate these core skills and behaviors:
  • Digital Literacy
    • Regularly evaluates the appropriateness of technological improvements & workplace tools and justifies investment in technology to adopt a holistic digital space, improving overall service delivery of the organization
  • Agility & Innovation
    • Depicts strong resilience and a mindset of continuous change improvement, being creative and innovative in creating value to the organization; demonstrates knowledge of Agile at scale and leads teams to adapt agile best practices and generate innovations
  • Impactful Communication
    • Handholds the team on the nuances of impactful communication (such as perceiving non-verbal cues and body language etc. ) and coaches them to use it effectively to make ones presence felt.
  • Influencing & Negotiation
    • Demonstrates ability to convince others effectively when there are conflicting views. Uses appropriate facts and does his/her research before approaching the stakeholder and is able to convince different stakeholders of the benefits of one’s own viewpoint
  • Development Orientation
    • Takes ownership for self-development by proactively identifying new and innovative learning opportunities
  • Problem Solving & Ownership
    • Creates relevant and creative options for identified problems and integrates with the overall business system and determines the “long term” implications of each option; Support others in identifying root causes and solutions to a problem and encourage others in their self-decision making process
  • Analytical Thinking
    • Analyses and translates data into actionable insights and recommendations
  • Business Acumen
    • Understands business goals & objective and able to point initiatives that will create value to business and customers
  • Financial Acumen
    • Understand company financial metrics and a project's direct and indirect financial impact
  • Strategic Orientation
    • Identifies strategic opportunities that will generate exponential returns. Percolates the understanding of strategy to the team as well.
  • Application Architecture
    • Develops the enterprise architecture and guides team in developing application architectures which meets business requirements
  • Programming
    • Develops and audits complicated programs and highlights both pros and cons of each process while driving alignment to firm’s strategic vision; Able to influence and teach others on programming standards; Familiar with factor app methodology and makes it common practice
  • Software Configuration
    • Sets up deployment platform and managing changes/updates introduced to solutions by controlling the deployment release in a systematic manner
  • Systematic Thinking
    • Visualizes & understands overall design structure and how each components contribute to the overall system
  • Technology Application
    • Researches on new functions and features of technology and integrates it to create an efficient system for the organization