Database Admin (SQL, PostgreSql)

150 Le Thi Hong Gam, District 1, Ho Chi Minh
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13 days ago

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • Company Product Development
  • Friendly and International working environment
  • Very attractive salary and benefits

The Job


To know about our culture, our tech and how we work !

Who are we looking for?

Rebels, internet believers, early adopters, product passionate and most importantly – people who thrive in a fun and dynamic culture.

Summary of Opportunity

● Title: Database Admin

● Rank: Developer

● Position: Full-time

● Length: Long-term

● Compensation: competitive

● Bonus: Annual bonus based on company policy

Job Description

  • Optimize current queries serving the backend of the product. Every 10ms counts.
  • Work with Product Team to write and optimize SQL queries for their KPI reports.
  • Work on projects related to the optimization of PostgreSQL databases.
  • Become our go-to person to answer anything about SQL, postgres.conf, pg_hba.conf, pg_base, WAL, EXPLAIN statement, Heap Scan, Seq Scan, sorting algorithms,.... In short, become our in-house PostgreSQL expert.
  • If you don’t know anything about any of the above, don’t worry. That’s actually OK. We actually do have such a person in our team, so you will get a lot of technical training. You just need to be willing to study hard and to work hard to become a real database expert.

Your Skills and Experience

Candidate Qualifications

  • 2+ years of administering SQL databases.
  • Solid expertise with PostgreSQL is highly valued, though not strictly required.
  • Expertise with one of SQL databases is strictly required.
  • Must have experience with performance tuning, index management, database design, schema design, database backup and restore, etc.
  • Understanding of ACID, CAP Theorem, WAL, Binary Replication, EXPLAIN statement are highly valued, but not strictly required. You will receive training as long as you’re willing to learn.
  • English proficiency is a must. Our internal communications are in English. Plus you will need to read a lot of English books and documentations for the job.

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • An exciting opportunity to work with the fastest growing international logistics player.
  • International environment where you can work and learn with coworkers from different southeast asian markets.
  • Project Launch Bonus Package
  • Annual Health Checkup
  • Attractive Healthcare Insurance Package
  • 15 Days Paid Annual Leave
  • Company Sponsorship for Personal Laptop
  • Regular Team Social Events
  • Cool Entertainment Area (Guitar, Video Games, ...)
  • Free Office Lunch
  • Free Late Dinner Menu
  • Free Flow of Coffee and Drinks (Juice, Coke, Sprite, Red Bull)
  • All Day Free Snacks