Business Analyst

Ho Chi Minh

The Job

As an Business Intelligence Data Analyst Executive, you would be empowering the organization to make data-driven decisions. If you have a passion for working with data, generating actionable insights and communicating with people, this would be a role for you.  

  • Develop and automate dashboards, analyses and reports to support business functions.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders in Operations and Sales to make data-driven decisions.
  • Create pipelines and queries in the data warehouse. Maintain the integrity of the data as the "single source of truth".
  • Assess KPIs, perform root cause analyses, create recommendations for corrective action and work with business verticals to implement them. Be responsible for the accuracy of the calculations of these KPIs.
  • Identify opportunities for improving operational efficiency and sales growth.  
  • Be the subject matter expert - the "go-to person" for all things data.


  • 1. Analytics (50%)

    • Insights: modeling & produce actionable data
    • Descriptive stats: Measure operational efficiency & cost metrics and track SLAs adherence

    2. Process & Systems (30%): Improve workflow

    • Suggest and recommend changes in existing system and operating processes to improve productivity and stability of the service infrastructure
    • Reduce manual work
    • Prepare for scaling 

    3. Informational (20%)

    • Source of information for other teams. Answering questions like “Is there a fast way to get data about xx?”
    • Query maintenance
    • IT support

Your Skills and Experience

  • Passion for data
  • Proficiency with SQL, experience with Python, R (or other tools for statistical analysis) and data visualisation tools a plus
  • Bachelor degree, majoring in Information Technology, Applied Science, or Engineering
  • Working experience ~2 years as Business Intelligence or Business Analyst is preferable.
  • Analytical Skills: Data analysts work with large amounts of numerical data: facts, figures, and number crunching. You will need to see through the data and analyze it to find conclusions.
  • Critical Thinking: Data analysts must look at the numbers, trends, and data and come to new conclusions based on the findings.
  • Attention to Detail: Data is precise. Data analysts have to make sure they are vigilant in their analysis to come to correct conclusions.
  • Continuous improvement mindset

Why You'll Love Working Here

- Salary: 12-25 mil + benefit yearly bonus 1.5-3 salary month
- Prefer Male, 23-29 year old
- Working in Binh Tan district, HCM