05 Backend Ruby/PHP/NodeJS Devs

21Fl, ETown Central Building, 11 Doan Van Bo, District 4, Ho Chi Minh
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6 days ago

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • Performance review 2times/year
  • English class 1on1&foreigner
  • MacBook Pro 2019 Display Dell

The Job

  • Develop service and design service
  • Design database schema
  • Train junior/middle software engineers
  • Developing a clean and maintainable code

Your Skills and Experience


  • 2+ years experience in the backend (For example Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP, Node.js)
  • If you don't have enough experience, you can apply for this job! (You will be a Junior Engineer or a Middle Engineer.)

Must Have

  • Experience with the web framework. For example, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Express.js
  • Motivation to learn a new programming language
  • Experience with MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • A person who wants to become a playing manager in the future, or is interested in management

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 100% Japanesestartup company
  • Top fintech company in Japan
  • Listed on Market of the high-growth and emerging stocks of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • About a parent company, Money Forward, Inc. in Japan (
  • Working place in Japan:
  • Develop several services for the Japanese market with teams in Japan
  • Opportunities to create services for the Vietnamese market, Southeast Asian market, the world market
  • A ruby committer belongs to our company

Interesting Engineering Projects

  • Develop brand-new services for the Japanese market with teams in Japan
  • Develop new features in personal financial management service which has No.1 market share in Japan


  • Salary review twice a year
  • 13th month salary (Bonus for Vietnamese new year)
  • Vacation holiday 3 days (fulfill salary)
  • MacBook Pro (2019) + Monitor 23inch Dell for employee
  • Grab expenses during drinking party day
  • English class 1 on 1 with foreigner teacher
  • Happy Hour 2 times/month
  • Lightning talk 2 times/month
  • Order technical books @oversea for employee
  • Flexible working hour, lunch hour
  • Team building, company building, family day event, company trip...
  • Pay Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployed Insurance with full salary
  • Join BaoViet Tokyo Marine for caring employee's health 24/24