02 JavaScript Developers (ReactJS)

Ho Chi Minh , Tan Binh, Cong Hoa
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The Job

Got a head full of ideas?


We are looking to add a passionate and dedicated JavaScript Developer to our ranks.

Job description:

You will be working on our own framework that is built on top of ReactJs. This is a cool new project that we’ll be using to deliver white-label websites faster than ever. You will be part of the core team of the framework working on the most interesting and challenging things.

This is a brand new project that’s currently in an MVP state. We’re looking for someone to join the existing team and take the project to the next phase: improve performance, code quality and implement new features. The project also uses a CMS for rendering the layout so dynamically imported component and code splitting is something we talk about daily. If you are a strong believer in React’s DOM tree diffing algorithm, wait to see how it can be challenged when the entire layout is dynamic and can be completely different from page to page.

We are big fans of cutting edge technologies and we always keep an eye open for new and exciting stuff. Our current tech stack includes: React, Redux, Lodash, ES6, Babel, Jest, Yarn etc. We always keep our 3rd party dependencies up to date so if you think you’ll be missing Fiber in React 16, rest assured, we’ll be part of the early adopters.

It’s a new and exciting undertaking (especially for us and hopefully for you) and we’re looking for people who are ready to face a challenge, analyze existing (old) functionality and transform + adapt it into something great using the latest stack of Web technologies.

Your Skills and Experience

  • Experience using React, Backbone, Angular, Ember or similar MV* frameworks;
  • Experience creating fast performing interfaces using JS frameworks;
  • Experience using performance profiling tools and using different performance improvement techniques;
  • Proven interest in testing, review and code quality;
  • Advanced knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, especially in-depth rendering tricks for performance;
  • Must have advanced knowledge of reactjs, ECMAScript6 and SASS;
  • Design patterns, optimization techniques and general procedural programming experience;
  • Passion for learning and perfecting skills by means of reading books, articles and participating in JS communities;
  • Good English, both written and spoken;
  • Clear understanding of MVC patterns and flavors;
  • You love working in a team and you like sharing ideas;
  • You never “leave people behind” by mentoring the junior people around you and helping them improve.

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • We offer trainings and certifications;
  • We hold team building activities and office parties throughout the year;
  • A flexible schedule
  • We provide a daily catered lunch (classic & raw-vegan);
  • We offer private healthcare;
  • An ever-growing, library (online & offline),
  • A fun entertainment corner,
  • Happy hours bi-weekly
  • We hold team building activities and office parties throughout the year;
  • Company trip
  • Private healthcare.
  • Support laptop