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- WONAV is a science and technology company with young and dynamic people, we have developed two products:
- WONAV 3d map (Android version to be launched soon)
- WONAV CT- Mobile Mapping System won the second prize in the ASEAN ICT AWARDS 2015 and in the final round of the Nhan Tai Dat Viet 2015.

Our philosophy: ‘’The best way for self-assertion is self-denial’’. It means that we never satisfy with what we have done, today must be better than yesterday and tomorrow must be better than today. It is the way we keep moving forwards.

Our vision: ‘’Wonav is not only for the Vietnamese’’. What we have made and what you are going to to in Wonav must be international products.

Our mission: ‘’Bring the real world to web’’. What you see in the real world, you will see it on WONAV 3d map.

Office Address: 205, Seaview 1 Building, Ward 10, Vung Tau city – Vietnam.

Our Key Skills

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Cool international team with a strong background
  • 2 The coolest and funniest place – Vung Tau city
  • 3 Make things in our sphere & share our team spirit

Well, we have some news if you are interested!

Our bright side:
- We have a cool international team with a strong background (yes, you are definitely hear about this guy’s previous projects).
- We are a startup, so it doesn’t need to wear a costume or have a fine for 15-min late.
- Company office located in one of the coolest and funniest place of Vietnam – Vung Tau city. Yes, we make meetings at the beach sometimes. And yes, we are help to relocate here.

And the dark one as well:
- We are based in Vung Tau. No, it’s not possible to work remotely. But you will see the rest of the country (and maybe others) in you trips with the team.
- The team is international, so you must speak and understand English at good level.
- We are don’t look so close to experience and resume lines, but trying to hire people, who interested to make things in our sphere, and share our team spirit.
- Still no beer barrel at the office (But have some in downstairs café).


205 Seaview 1 Building, Others
205 Seaview 1 Building, Others

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