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Facilitated Work Hub fulfils tech companies need for long term and stable resources to develop great software products. This is not software outsourcing, but a premium service which hires, retains and unites top software engineers in Vietnam with our partners in-house team, so that they work as one united team. All engineers work from our tastefully designed Norwegian hub, in a Norwegian work environment where employee happiness is our No. 1 focus. We work with AGILE methodologies creating successful people not just products!

Facilitated Work Hub is a service provided by Outsourceit International Vietnam Co. Ltd. Outsourceit International established in 2001 is from Oslo, Norway, world's fastest growing tech hub outside Silicon Valley and have been successfully operating in HCMC since 2007. 


Product Development

Environment for Discovery and Creation.Space to make errors, learn and re-learn.Core Product Development not Software Outsourcing Factory. Nordic Tech Environment fostering freedom, ideas and innovation.Agile work environment focused on building successful people not just products. Quality software is key.Heightened understanding of the user environment.Develop and Collaborate with developers in Norway. A place where you are treated as an equal and valued member.

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Work direct with tech companies in Norway
  • 2 Core product development & Agile
  • 3 Flexible work hours- Work Life Balance

  • We believe that to build anything great, one needs long-term perspective and commitment. This enables us to keep our people happy, as they develop themselves year after year, progressing together with the product and us.

    • Work with core product development, be one with in-house team in Norway and be an important valuable member
    • Take part in the entire development process (architectural design, development, testing, business analyst and problem solving)
    • Direct collaboration & communication with Norwegian colleagues
    • Chance to travel to Norway and work with your Norwegian peers
    • Remuneration package (Salary, Allowances & Bonuses) that makes you want to stay with us long
    • Work in Norwegian work environment- means Equality, Respect, Flat structure & Employee Empowerment
    • Freedom to take initiatives, go out of job scope, don't wait to be told
    • Work with management who cares about you
    • Flexible working hours-more time to enjoy life
    • Work Agile with scrum process
    • Enjoy company activities, happy breaks, daily fruits, Family Fun day, free snacks & beers, team building and learning activities
    • Annual Company Trip- Overseas and Domestic
    • Access private health insurance 
    • Great pathway for personal progress in an English speaking environment
    • Give ideas and make suggestions- have a voice

Our People

Sr Fullstack .Net Developer - Dung

Describe your typical day

I work for Aksess Innkjøp in Norway from Facilitated Work Hub in District 3. I work as a true member of the team, there is no Norway or Vietnam team but 1 team. I communicate with our Development Manager Tommy, in Norway via skype and email daily. We work agile and work closely with our peers in Norway just like I do with my colleague Phong .

What's one favorite thing about your job?

I like that we are treated with great respect and valued. Our work environment is great. I come to work around 10 am or sometimes 11 am, Yes! that's true, that is the perk of flexible working hours. We have daily fruits and weekly beers. We have many social events to make us feel happy. Last year, we went to KL, Malaysia for our company trip.

Sr Fullstack .Net Developer - Phong

What’s the #1 reason you chose Outsourceit International Vietnam?

I work also for Aksess Innkjøp together with Dung in HCMC and my Development Manager, Tommy and Software Developer, Helle in Norway. I get a great chance to have a long term and stable career in a top company in Norway, be an equal, valued and true core team member and succeed internationally without having to leave my family in Vietnam.

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

We do not have a boss, rather our boss is our friend, we can discuss and talk freely and openly. If you need more time with your family, please come join us.

Office and Recruitment - Thuy

What's the coolest skill you've learned?

"Since joining Facilitated Work Hub - almost 3 years ago I’ve learned so many new things: colleagues and bosses taught me about good things in life and shared their knowledge with me. I will always be thankful to the people who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to grow, not only within the company but also as a person.

What's one favorite thing about your job?

"Facilitated Work Hub is a company that supports and believes in their staffs. This is exactly the working environment in which people can develop and make a difference! I am very proud to partake in the success of FWH."

Senior QA/QC for Imatis - Thao

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

"I have been work with Imatis. I am really impressed and satisfied with the facilities, benefits, salary and work environment here. My colleagues in Vietnam are friendly and are willing to support me from the very first day. My peers at Imatis Norway, are nice and recognize my contributions.

What's one favorite thing about your job?

I really like barista coffee, beverages, daily fruit time and happy break hours every week. Last but not least, the flexible time is really convenient for me, especially when I have a child. I can check-in and check-out in the suitable times as long as I complete my 40 hours/week."


153 Alpha Tower, Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh
153 Alpha Tower, Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 6

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