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Leading Public Blockchain for Payment and Smart Contract.

As a leading blockchain company in Vietnam, Nexty is proud to be the provider and developer of breakthrough solutions for businesses and local and international communities. Nexty provides a friendly professional workspace to boost creativity and confidence for every employee in the company. Our focus is not only the hard work and dedication of every employee in the workplace, but also the spiritual life and cohesion among the members. Leading Public Blockchain for Payment and Smart Contract., all of the members, including leaders, senior staff or even newcomers are ready to support one another to be a professional team of high engagement. Above all, we believe that Nexty is an ideal and active working environment, especially deserves time and endeavor of talents who are truly thirst for self-improvement and contribution.


PHP Developer (JavaScript, HTML5)

Ha Noi

Jr/Sr Backend Dev ( NodeJS/Javascript)

Ha Noi

Fontend (Javascript/AngularJS/ReactJS)

Ha Noi

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32 - lô TT02 - HD Mon City, 4 Hàm Nghi, Nam Tu Liem, Ha Noi
32 - lô TT02 - HD Mon City, 4 Hàm Nghi

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