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Although founded in as late as 1970 Minh Long Co. is the heir of a long ceramics producing tradition starting with the grand-father of Mr Ly Ngoc Minh, Minh Long’s founder, and spanning over three generations, or a century time-wise, down to the fourth generation which is now in charge.

Minh Long has all the way cherished the feedback received from its customers and made a point to share such feedback with its staff for them to learn how to improve their work and produce articles every day more commensurate with the customers’ trust and affection

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  • Mức lương: 10triệu đến 20triệu ( theo năng lực đáp ứng nhu cầu công việc)
  • Phúc lợi: Theo đúng chính sách chế độ của Nhà nước và chính sách chế độ riêng của Công ty.
  • Có xe đưa đón từ TP.HCM ( tuyến Tân Bình - An Sương – Bình Dương)



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