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A leading online learning platform for experienced professionals with 700,000 learners nationwide

  • is No.1 online learning platform for experienced professionals with 700,000 learners nationwide. We are born to enable everyone to learn with experts everywhere and everytime.
  • is an Internet company with great ambition to change lives of millions people and we are about passion, professionalism and world-class operations team.
  • We will never stop conquering challenges, shaping new future. Come and join us to become part of one of the most fast-growing startup and future-driving engine.
  • We are looking for candidates who really desire to work in a dynamic, fast-changing and challenging environment; who would like to expose themselves to new challenges, conquer new heights; who have management and leadership skills.

Our Key Skills


3 Senior PHP Backend Developer

Ho Chi Minh

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Attractive compensation and benefit
  • 2 Dynamic, fast-changing and challenging environment
  • 3 Positive Inspire Leaders and Colleagues

  • In Kyna, people is always the most important asset. We always try to improve the effectiveness of work, process; embrace challenges, listen and understand people.
  • Kyna is the second family of us where people can share their food, beverage, fun, happiness and become motivation to push each other to accept and overcome chanllenges.
  • Besides job, Kyna have a lot of policies to train and improve members cause we understand inside of each people having passion to be growth and development
  • Moreover, join with us to get experiences of 'Work Hard and PLAY HARDER': crazy teambuilding, real colleague-ship, kyna talk, beerfest and colorful's day ^^...


94-96 Nguyen Van Thuong Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh
94-96 Nguyen Van Thuong Street, Ward 25

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