At Knowledge Bank, we have a mission - which is to provide quality education for all.

At Knowledge Bank, we have a mission - which is to provide quality education for all. The notion takes into account people around the world, regardless of context. We believe that anyone who would wish to better themselves should be given the opportunity to do so.

The idea of quality is largely varying but what is constant is gaining knowledge and skills in the fastest means possible. As such we are looking for programmers who are passionate for education and making a difference and a change for the betterment of humanity. We are looking for many developers major in Java Script, Html, Jcc, Java, PHP, NodeJS, React, Angular, Android, IOS etc familiar with UI/UX etc.

Be part of this change and take this opportunity to make difference. Potential candidates will be promised a chance to work in Singapore with promising salary. Hope to hear from you 😊

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Up and coming industry
  • 2 Chance to work in Singapore
  • 3 Salary of at least 40m if you work in Singapore

Knowledge Bank is a startup which aims to provide Quality Education for All. Only if you are passionate about making a difference and leading a purposeful life should you take up this job. While we would ensure employee welfare, we would not promise that the work tasked to you would be easy, what we do promise is that it will be worth it.

We believe in quality, both in Education and Work ethics, and will not shortchange anyone be it our employees, customers or business partners. We promise to uphold high standards in everything we do.

  • Full-stack software engineer model

Knowledge Bank software engineers should be ready to involve full phase software development process: from requirement analysis, design, coding to delivery phase. We target to develop full-stack software engineers who are not only able to implement source code, but also have skills of how to correctly catch up customer requirements, how to make good design & how to assure the software quality as well. To prepare for that, comprehensive training program will be provided along with a member’s career path

  • Startup opportunities

Knowledge Bank is a startup with many job vacancies to be filled. This means that within months, there would be opportunities to take up bigger roles and even working in Singapore. Depending on work performances, you could expect minimally of 40m if you are selected to work in Singapore

  • Supportive, friendly & fair working environment in which everyone has equal chances of being developed

Keeping in mind that “people” are key to the company success, Knowledge Bank is continuously improving our working environment in which “people” is considered first in any policy; everyone has equal chances of being developed:
- In Knowledge Bank, you need not to care about your personal relationship with your boss to survive, but your teamwork spirit. Although roles & responsibilities of member in a team are defined clearly, there is no gap between leaders and members in daily working activities: we work & learn together side by side to overcome difficulties, and willing to support each other whenever we can.
- In Knowledge Bank, you are encouraged to openly share your opinions to different levels of management, even to the Director.

  •  Competitive benefits

In Vietnam – to work remotely and report only when required. You will be awarded with competitive pay depending on your level of competencies.

VND 50 000 Café Allowance

6 month evaluation period – In 6 months, you will be evaluated and may be given a chance to work in Singapore while getting paid minimally of 40m

Up to 3 months Bonuses 

Many major positions to be filled; Team leader, Manager, Director etc



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