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US-based software development company

  • We are a software consulting company working with clients that develop innovative technology. Our clients are in the United States, giving you an opportunity to work in an English speaking environment and interacting with very smart and passionate people.

We are hiring Remote positions. Top 3 reasons to join us:

  • Work remote from anywhere you want
  • Enjoy a flexible working arrangement that fits your lifestyle or your family commitment
  • Work with really smart people in a small team environment, on challenging problems.

Our Key Skills

- PERN stack (PostgresDB, Express, ReactJS, NodeJs)

- Python stack (Python, Jupyter, Flask)

- Standard cloud stack: Heroku, Firebase, Google Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Own your life: you can work remotely from anywhere
  • 2 Work on challenging and impactful projects
  • 3 Quality over speed with test-driven developement

We advocate a completely different working style for intellectual people who love freedom

  • Work with the best: our team has 2 MIT co-founders (1 Master and 1 PhD)
  • Own your life: you can work remotely from anywhere that has good internet, we just don't care!
  • Brain time over face time: you are expected to use your brainpower in every matter
  • Quality over speed: you will learn how to do test-driven development, automated pipelines and iterative improvements

Our culture - straight-to-your-face

  • we give your honest feedback and it hurts sometimes, but you'll learn fast
  • we expect you to speak up when you have feedback or ideas
  • we expect you to take ownership of your project
  • we care for your professional growth and well-being


  • Competitive salary 
  • Flexible arrangement
  • World-class agile training



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