FAQ: AI Match for candidate


In March 2020 ITviec launched our “AI Match” product for employers.

AI Match matches anonymized candidates with jobs on our site. Employers review anonymized candidate information and invite candidates they like to interview.


Why did I get an email inviting me to interview at a company? I didn’t apply to a job.

Your anonymous candidate information matched a new job on our site, and the employer has selected you for an interview. Yay!

What happens if I respond “yes” to the invitation?

If you respond “yes” then ITviec will share your name, contact information and CV with the employer.

What happens if I don’t respond to the invitation?

Nothing happens. If you don’t like the job don’t accept the invitation. 

Does ITviec share my CV without my permission? 

No. ITviec looks for candidates that match jobs for some customers. All candidate data are anonymized before sharing with the employer. 

Employers cannot see your name or contact information until after you accept their invitation. You are in total control.

I don’t like the job. Will the company keep contacting me?

No. The company cannot send you any messages. They don’t know who you are.

Can my current employer see my information on ITviec?

No. ITviec will not share your anonymized information with your current employer or any former employers shown in your CV.

I don’t want to receive any invitations. Can I opt out?

Yes, you can opt out any time you want. Just login to your account on ITviec then go to “My account” and turn off the option to receive job invitation.