Does Your Cover Letter Suck? Read This.

Cover-Letter-suckĐọc phiên bản tiếng Việt tại đây.

Your application cover letter probably sucks.

This post will teach you how to write a good cover letter that doesn’t suck and gets you more interviews.

Your cover letter is what you write when you send a CV on ITviec. It’s the first thing a recruiter sees. It should tell the recruiter how awesome you are before they begin reading your CV.

I’ve read over 6,000 cover letters submitted on ITviec. Probably more than 70% are terrible.


Because most cover letters fail to impress. They don’t tell the recruiter why you are the right person for the job. Some even clearly how the candidate is NOT right for the job.

A good cover letter will summarize quickly why the recruiter should choose you. It frames your CV and makes it easier for the recruiter to understand your ability.

Here are two actual cover letters submitted on ITviec for an Android Developer position:

Cover Letter A

Dear Mr/Ms HR. My name is Thanh. I’m writing to you because I want to apply for Android developer in your company. Please see my CV and let me know if I fit with your jobs. Thanks and Best Regards

Cover Letter B

Have 3 android apps and 2 android game (using cocos2d-x) in Google Play. Knowledge OOP, design pattern (singleton & strategy) Have experience using SVN.

If you were a recruiter which CV would you want to read first?

You’d choose Cover Letter B, right?

Let’s look at each one.

Cover Letter A has a lot of information that recruiters just don’t care about.

“Dear Mr/Ms” or “My name is…” and “I’m writing to you because I want to apply…” and “Please see my CV…” says NOTHING. It’s a waste of time.

Cover Letter B gets right to the point. It tells clearly why the jobseeker is suitable for this job. It shows the recruiter that the jobseeker has created several android apps. He names a few specific skills too.

Easy, right? This isn’t rocket science.

Your cover letter on ITviec


Let’s look at two more. These are for a developer at a gaming company.

Cover Letter A

I have one year experience working as a Game Developer at XX Game Studio in Vietnam. My responsibility is using C# and Unity3D engine to develop a card game. I am proficient in C/C++/C# programming as well as using Unity3D game engine to create game.

Cover Letter B

Seeking an opportunity to work as a game software engineer, to obtain and secure position that will enable me to use my skills as well as my ability to work well with people. I am quick learner and work well under pressure. I want to work in suitable environment that would challenge my technical skills and give me direction. In the future, I expect to become a expert programmer.

Which jobseeker would you interview first?

That’s right — the jobseeker who submitted Cover Letter A.

Like good code, Cover Letter A is quick and efficient. It shows immediately that the jobseeker has the skills needed in the job.

Cover Letter B is filled with a lot of…nothing. Just empty, meaningless words. It doesn’t help the jobseeker at all.

Let’s look at two more, for another Android Developer position.

Cover Letter A

1 year industry experience in Android development. Expertise includes: • Android application development • Object-oriented programming, design patterns • NoSQL technology with CouchBase Server. • Web service integration. • Working experience in XML.

Cover Letter B

See my CV.

The jobseeker who wrote B is lazy and maybe arrogant. The jobseeker who wrote A is organized, has good skills and communicates well.

Which one would you want to interview?

Your cover letter is your first chance to impress the recruiter. Write one that doesn’t suck. Show your skills clearly and get a better chance with recruiters.

We’re rooting for you at ITviec! Let us know how it goes in the comments below.