Are you making this common CV mistake?

IT job CV no objective Vietnam

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The best IT companies in Vietnam get hundreds, maybe even thousands of CVs each month.

Usually the person reviewing the incoming CVs is overworked. Each CV gets just a few seconds of attention.

So how do you capture the reviewer’s attention quickly and communicate fast and effectively that you are a great candidate?

The answer is: Eliminate a common CV mistake — replace the “Objective” on your CV with a “Summary” instead.

Most CVs I see have an “Objective” listed at the very top of the page. Usually the Objective is something like this:

To be a part of the challenging team which strives for the better growth of the  organization and which explores my potential and provides me with the opportunity  to enhance my talent with an intention to be an asset to the company.

Here is every hiring manager and recruiter’s reaction to your objective:

“I don’t care.”

The company doesn’t care about what you want (at least not yet). Not even a little bit.

They care about what they want.

And what they want is to answer this question right away:

“Can this person do the job I’m recruiting for? Does he have relevant experience?”

Don’t waste valuable seconds of the recruiter’s attention telling them what you want. Instead, use a Summary to tell them that you have what they want right away.

Your Summary will look something like this:

Senior Software Developer with over 4 years experience in mobile application development and 1 year experience in website development. Expertise includes:

– Mobile application development: Nintendo Ds, Symbian, QT, Android, iOS.
– Programming languages: Object C++, C/C++, Java, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
– Object-oriented methodology
– Web application development: IIS, Ajax, and MSSQL SERVER

If you were the recruiter for a mobile developer position would you read the rest of this person’s CV? Yes.

IT job CV no objective Vietnam

Your Summary is the most important part of your CV. A good summary grabs the recruiter’s attention and tells them what they need to know. A good summary will make them read the rest of your CV carefully. A good summary will help you get better results.

What are you waiting for? Easily correct this CV mistake and make your CV more attractive, today!  Just replace your Objective with a Summary.

Now, apply for some cool jobs on ITviec — I’m rooting for you!


PS – Do you agree or disagree? What CV strategies have you found effective? Leave your ideas in the comments below.